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The Rose Breast Cancer Society

     The  Rose Breast Cancer Society is a 501.c3 non-profit organization and living memorial for Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, a multitalented artist who fought breast cancer four years until her transition Nov. 16, 1997.  One night she dreamed about the mythological Phoenix bird which rises from its own ashes every 500 years to eternal life.  Her love of roses and dream of the beautiful Phoenix bird rising symbolizes The Rose Breast Cancer Society. 

     1998,her daughter, Carmelita Pittman, founded The Rose Breast Cancer Society to return the unconditional love she received from her mother and has vowed to join the legions to bring breast cancer to a halt with the mission “ to provide education for the prevention and intervention of breast cancer through the arts.”  A  U.S.C. and Pepperdine graduate and award winning former L.A.U.S.D. art educator, Mrs. Pittman has made the community at large her classroom via  The Rose Breast Cancer Society’s Annual Rose Variety Arts Show using “EDU-tainment“ to blend the therapeutic effect of the Rose Art Exhibition  and performing arts, Wellness Expo, a luncheon featuring “living foods”,  Variety Stage Show with keynote health speakers and celebrity talent to provide a day of enlightenment and entertainment. 

     Outreach activities include provision by The Rose Breast Cancer Society of $300.00 discount certificates to receive Infrared Thermography, a quick, painless, FDA approved, life saving breast cancer screening method which can detect breast cancer up to ten years in advance of a lump forming.  Vibrance Medical Group in Beverly Hills honors the certificates by Dr. Clair who has appeared with The Rose Breast Cancer Society on CBS Channel 2  health news .  Dr. Clair received the Angel Award at the 9th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show  May 7, 2006.  Also honored was  Dr. Cherilyn Lee of Nutrimed Medical Group as Mother of the Year.  Both are honorary members.

      The Annual Rose Variety Arts Show themes have varied over the years.   For example, “Parade of Angels”, was touched literally by an angel, Rev. Della Reese-Lett, co-star of the hit t.v. series “Touched by an Angel”, who provided her UP choir and band which was joined by St. Paul’s Catholic Church trilingual  (English, Spanish, Korean speaking) choir.    Gospel, Ballet, Opera performers and health experts energized the audience.   Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio , George Alger, President of Artists for a Better World, Audrey Ruttan, poetess Denise Cook hosted the event and presented awards.  Deon Dolor ‘s balloon décor , ten foot tall angel sculptures  designed by Francisco Ramirez, and the white apparel worn by the audience completed the ambiance and theme color of white.   Chaka Khan, Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman , Linda Hopkins, Nick LaTour , Lady Java, Lady Tracey Koenigsberg, Rev. Dr. William H. Knight, Rev. Charles O. Brown and more attended. 

       “An Enchanted Evening” drew several prominent guests hosted by Contessa J’Aimee Alexsandre of London and Christy Passoth ,Ms. Elite United Nation International at the Beverly Hills Country Club August 23, 2008.   

       The Rose Breast Cancer Society has received commendations from  Congresswoman Diane E. Watson.  Councilman Tom LaBonge, Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) , Mayor James Hahn, Mayor Villiaraigosa, Salute America, the ARTery USA .



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