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October 6, 2011 


6:00 p.m.  Reception and Refreshments

  • Wine & beverages, English cuisine

  • Art Exhibition by International Artist
    Emmy Lu of Uganda

  • Live folk ensemble "May Stands Still"

  • Presentation to Guest of Honor Iris Schirmer

Emmy Lu's Artwork May Stands Still


The Honoree is Iris Schirmer, descendent of Mary Queen of Scotts, and of the Pinson family who provided the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria 1492 to Christopher Columbus. He discovered America.

Iris Schirmer, 90 years young appears to have discovered The Fountain of Youth with her appearance.

She has been twice knighted and is a supporter of The Rose Breast Cancer Society


7:00 pm Cancer Prevention Symposium

  • Keynote Speakers include Dr. Cherilyn Lee, Bee Beyer and Dr. Burt Danet

  • Art Presentation & Auction by Emmy Lu

Dr. Cherilyn Lee
Dr. Lee's Website
Bee Beyer
Author, Inventor
 Cancer Survivor
Dr. Burt Danet
Dr. Danet's Website



An Evening Event

Presented during Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Beverly Hills Country Club 
Chandelier Room
308 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

RSVP By 8pm Oct 3rd

Reservations are Required 
for Guaranteed Seating



Phone: 310-274-1130
Phone: 323-930-0028

Click Below to Purchase Tickets through PayPal

Ticket are $40/ea.

Your host for the evening
 is Carmelita Pittman

Celebrity Scene Interviews
will be by Pete Allman


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